For those of you reading this who are currently homeschooling, we take our hats off to you. While much of the school work must be done at the kitchen table, some educational tasks can be taken outside into the garden that we wanted to share with you today.


(1) Plant Food

Subject Area: Home Economics

Planting food for your household carries so many benefits from a health and environmental perspective. Still, it also gives the kids a chance to learn more about growing and maintaining their own crop and the positive impact that farm to fork has on the environment and our nutrition.

This time of year, things that can be planted include; onions, garlic and potatoes.

The next step will be to get them to create their own recipes for the whole family to try together.



(2) Conduct a Germination Test

Subject Area: Science

Do you remember carrying out germination tests in school? To remind you, the purpose of a germination test is to see if the seeds are viable for planting. For example, you may come across seeds from last year in your garden shed. Some of them will most likely be suitable for planting this season, but let’s test it first with the kids and let them report back.

All you will require is a paper towel, freezer bag and a Sharpie pen.

Place the seeds on moistened paper towels, then bag them up and check them for signs of germination over a week. If it works, the next step is to bring them out to put them in the soil – we can help you with that!


(3) Build Something

Subject Area: Woodwork

To get the older kids away from the screen, you can do a carpentry class with them outside. Raised beds are so easy to build, look great in the garden, and provide practical uses for plant growth. We wrote a blog on the steps you need to take to create your own raised bed which you can read here.


(4) Painting

Subject: Arts and Crafts

This is something that the kids and adults can do together to test your creative ability while still being fun. You may have noticed a trend taking place at the minute where kids are painting rocks and leaving them around towns and villages in the country to lift peoples spirits. Why not try this at home?

All you need are relatively flat rocks and porcelain or acrylic paints that won’t wipe off.

Of course, if the older kids aren’t up for this, there are always other things that need painting around the garden such as the garden shed or your new raised beds!


(5) Maintain a Nature Journal

Subject: Geography

This is possibly something for the kids of primary school age. We came across this super cool nature book that gives the kids tasks to complete around the garden, such as finding a leaf and drawing it or finding a ladybug. This will keep the children entertained and educated on all things nature – what more could you ask for.

View the printable nature book here.


We hope these 5 tasks will not only help you with homeschooling over the next couple of weeks but will also help to create delicious homegrown meals and a beautiful garden to sit in over the summertime.


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