Our premium grade topsoil is produced to the highest standards.  We use a double deck screener to ensure all stones & foreign objects are removed.

All our soil is certified to B53882 and is approved for landscaping. 

The Osmocote blend has many great benefits for your garden;

  • Stimulates root growth
  • Readily available nutrients
  • Encourages microbial and earthworm activity
  • Bio-stimulants reduce the incidence of soil-borne diseases
  • Wetting agents ad water and nutrient penetration
  • Feeds continuously for 6 months

A starter fertiliser and soil improver that combines the best of both worlds, Plant Starter helps new plants overcome transplant shock and settle in quickly in their new growing positions. It nurtures plant growth above and below the ground by creating a balanced and sustainable growing environment. Plants will be healthier, stronger and less susceptible to insect attacks and diseases.

You can buy soil in bulk bags or we also have loose topsoil for sale depending on your needs.