For those of you who may be new to gardening, you must understand the importance of using high-quality topsoil in your garden to promote healthy growth and a breathtaking landscape to enjoy.

So let’s take it from the top… what is topsoil?

Naturally, our gardens produce around 2-3 inches of natural topsoil, which is composed of decaying organic matter such as plants and leaves – depending on where you live. If you are looking to plant in your garden, you will most likely not have enough natural topsoil to achieve this and/or the topsoil you have will be missing certain essential nutrients.

Topsoil consists of clay, sand and silt in various percentages. The ideal topsoil that gardeners rave about is loam topsoil, a combination of clay and sand to make it sticky and breathable for water – we have that here at GrowPro – but more about us later.


Test Your Soil

It is possible to test your soil with garden soil testing kits to determine what your soil contains and what it is lacking. When you buy your topsoil, you can chat with an expert about your findings and recommend the best options.

But what’s really important at the early stages of a gardeners journey is to understand the benefits of topsoil and how it will help make your garden look like a masterpiece.


(1) Plant Protection

Topsoil offers protection to plants and vegetables by surrounding the roots and top layer. It also locks in moisture to prevent evaporation which means that your plants will receive the water they need – even on a hot summers day.


(2) Nutrient Goodness

Topsoil is composed of organic matter, full of healthy nutrients that will promote healthy plant growth. However, it is important to note that depending on the type of topsoil you purchase, you may need to add additional nutrients through fertiliser, so be sure to check this with your topsoil expert when you are talking to them.


(3) Healthy Growth

As well as ensuring that your plants get enough water, topsoil also enables oxygen to get into the plants, which in turn helps them grow stronger.


(4) Drainage Solution

Due to our changeable climate here in Ireland, that mainly consists of rain. It’s important to have drainage in place. Topsoil drains very well, ensuring that all our hard work with our plants doesn’t drown at first sight of a storm.


(5) Prevents Erosion

In the gardening world, erosion is a common problem. This is where are plants are left exposed due to the soil been washed away in a storm. However, if you have completed your planting correctly, they should have a strong foundation (root system) in place that will hold the soil in place during bad weather where it could have been washed away.


(6) Environmentally Friendly

It’s essential to us that we are doing something to promote a healthier environment. Thankfully topsoil is very environmentally friendly as it is reusing organic matter from decayed plants and vegetables. Topsoil also reduces the need to use chemicals and pesticides in the garden due to its nutrient-rich composition.



How Can GrowPro Help?

Topsoil Calculator: We have developed a topsoil calculator which enables you to determine how much topsoil you need for your garden – check it out.

Screened Topsoil: All of our topsoil is screened to 10mm, meaning that any large objects like stones are removed from your order. This process also helps to achieve optimal water flow, which distributes essential nutrients to keep your garden healthy and vibrant.

Get In Touch With Us: Our team is at the other end of the phone, ready to answer any questions you have about your topsoil order – call us or drop us an email.

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We hope you found this article helpful; please do be sure to send us some of your garden images and tips you’ve discovered, but most of all, enjoy it!!