After a long winter of lockdown and changeable weather, we all could do with a dose of Vitamin D and some time with our family and friends. Like last year, our gardens will play a pivotal role in these gatherings, so they must look their best for the guests. Today we are sharing some practical tips to get your garden primed for the summer BBQ and stories around the firepit.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it.



Ok, let’s get the worst out of the way first. Not even your most dedicated gardener likes to weed, but it’s an essential part of garden maintenance. Grab your oscillating hoe and tackle every nook and cranny of the garden until you’ve captured all the weeds in sight. Rather than using chemicals and watching them slowly demise, we would suggest sticking to the traditional removal method.


Lawn Maintenance

There really is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass!

If you have grass in the garden, you will more than likely have to mow it every week to two weeks during the summertime. The real key to a nicely manicured looking lawn is to get your hands on a strimmer and a half-moon lawn edger to clean up those lines and edges.


Power Washing

If you haven’t power washed your garden before, you are missing out! You’ll be amazed at the comparison and how bright and new your garden looks for those lazy summer days to come. It’s such a rewarding task! If you don’t have a power washer, we would recommend paying a visit to Woodies, where they stock the Karcher power washer system at an affordable price.


Timber Maintenance

If you invested in timber decking for your garden, you are probably aware that it will need yearly maintenance to keep it healthy and looking well. We came across this great blog on the property renovation site, Placelift, which details tips on treating your decking – check it out here.


Review Your Plants

Now that the weeding is done, the lawn is manicured, and your timber decking and patio area looking brand new, it’s time to review your plants and see which ones are flourishing and what ones might need to be put into the compost bin.


Refurbish Your Plant Pots

Cosmos, Dahlias, and  Salvias are great plants for summer and will fill in the gaps of where you have removed some of the old crops. Remember to keep them in the sun as much as possible and embed them in high-quality topsoil – GrowPro can help here.


This time of year, there is also a fantastic selection of vegetable plants that you can purchase from your local garden centre and plant to accompany with your BBQ as a salad. The family are guaranteed to be impressed! If this is your first time creating a vegetable patch, be sure to check out Niall Gardens YouTube Channel, where he has recently completed his own vegetable patches with the help of our topsoil. Watch Now!


Is Your Furniture Ready?

Last but not least is the garden furniture. If you have wooden furniture, make sure to treat it like you have done with the timber decking to keep it in good condition. A real trend is to bring the inside out with outdoor rugs, cushions and other accessories. Shops such as Arboretum have a beautiful collection of soft outdoor furnishings available to buy from their online store.


Now all that’s left to say is to enjoy your garden and be proud of what you have created.


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