Welcome to our first blog post. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and find that it is easy to navigate. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be bringing you helpful guides and expert advice on all things to do with gardening but to kick off we wanted to brag a little bit about ourselves and tell you why we know our topsoil is the best on the market.


Double Screening

To ensure you get the cleanest of products, we use a double deck screener to ensure that all stones and foreign objects are removed from our soil before they are bagged up for dispatch.


Friable Topsoil

Our topsoil is screened down to 10mm to ensure a fine friable topsoil, that crumbly texture that enables positive growth among plants in the foundations of your bed. Friable soil not only helps roots to thrive underground but it also enables drainage to avoid waterlog during wet months.



We have a number of blends available but our most popular blend on the market is the Premium Plus blend as it has fine loam soil, 20% sand and 40% compost, a great combination to promote plant growth. Loam soil has contains different-sized particles which leave space in the soil for air and water to flow to the roots and feed them.

“I used the product in my garden and I have seen a huge increase in growth. I plan on buying from GrowPro again.” James.


We then have the Grow Pro Top Dressing which is used by professional landscapers and green keepers. It is spread as a thin layer (3cm or less) on top of new or existing lawns to act as an excellent seed bed for new grass.  This particular blend is screened to 8mm to remove even the smallest of debris from the batch, making it ideal for levelling uneven surfaces.


Topsoil Calculator

We want to make sure that you only order exactly what you need which is why we created our “Topsoil Calculator” where you can tell us your measurements, and calculate how many tonnes (or bags) of topsoil you will need in order to fill the dimensions you have provided.

“I found the topsoil calculator to be extremely accurate on their website. I used it to help decide how many bags I would need, and I was left with very little unused soil.” Padraig