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We have been providing Grow Pro Topsoil to customers around Ireland for quite some time now. We are proud of our service, and the reputation we have gained.

The topsoil is screened down to 10 mm to ensure a fine friable soil. We do everything we can to ensure the soil is perfect. It is then blended with 1 mm of sand & organic compost. This gives your plants the opportunity to strive. The contractor blend is our most popular blend, with fine loam soil, 10% sand & 30% compost.

After providing hundreds of customers with our service and products, we have garnered many happy reviews. Find our favourites below!

Grow Pro best Topsoil delivered

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Declan G.

I ordered a large amount at extremely short notice, but it was delivered on time with absolutely no issues. The soil itself was excellent quality. I highly recommend Grow Pro Topsoil.

James F.

The delivery time was excellent. Any questions I had were answered quickly too. I used the product in my garden and I have seen a huge increase in growth. I plan on buying from Grow Pro again.

Stephen K.

I was originally weary ordering online, but a phone call showed there would be no issue. The unloading process was easy, and Grow Pro delivered when promised. The product is up to scratch.


TOPSOIL 1 BULK BAG PREMIUM (PRICE €70) One tonne of topsoil 30% compost blend. Shipping just €40 per bag. – Click here to buy

TOPSOIL 1 BULK BAG PREMIUM PLUS (PRICE €80) We also offer higher compost contents of 40% with a 20% mix of fine sand. Shipping just €40 per bag.- Click here to buy

GROW PRO TOP DRESSING (PRICE €120 Order by bulk bag) Used by professional landscapers and green keepers – Click here to find out more

BULK TOPSOIL Buy bulk topsoil at a huge discount per tonne (minimum order of 20 tonnes). Contact our sales team.


Ordering more than 20 tonnes? Call our sales team to avail of a discounted bulk price!

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